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Monday, February 20, 2012

What are some of the values that you share as a couple, and what value was most attractive to you in your partner before you married?


  1. Ken and Louise - honesty, family, freedom to be ourselves. Ken was attracted to my friendliness and sense of adventure and I was attracted to Ken's sense of loyalty and the love he had for his friends.

  2. Ellen and Matt - The values we share together are prevalent in many of our other posts and include family, friends, independence, integrity, and committment to each other. Matt - Ellen's outgoing and independant spirit (and of course how hot she was and is) was intiguing and inviting. Ellen - I was and still am attracted to Matt's fierce independence and his ability to do his own thing regardless of the opinions of others.

  3. As a couple, we definitely share the values of family. hard work, friends, loyalty, and a commitment to each other. Aside from my physical attraction to him, what attracted and still attracts me to Brett is his balance between being a hard worker and determined to succeed, but always cutting himself off from work for the evening to spend time together. I know he values our time together which I hugely appreciate. The other side of Brett I'm attracted to is that he's like a little kid with a lot of things. We have so much fun together and laugh all day long. I love that. Another thing is his thoughtfulness. He's so caring, willing to talk and listen about anything, and a wonderful person.

  4. Steve and I value the importance of family, we both have a strong work ethic, enjoy the company of friends, and share a commitment to support each other, as well as the people in our lives. What was most attractive to me about Steve was (and still is) his thoughtfulness and his genuine concern for people's feelings.

  5. Sheryl and I both grew up in very strong families, so family is very important to us, along with our faith in God, honesty, and knowing that we will always be there for each other. I was and still is attracted to Sheryl because she's naturally a caring, helpful person. Val

  6. I agree with you Val - Jenna has such a strong tie with her family which I think says a lot about a person. Family is and always will be #1 with her and I've never known for her to lie. This goes back to the earlier question about being able to trust the other person in the relationship.

    Jenna and I are also two of the weirdest and goofiest people anyone will ever meet. On the surface or in public, we appear to be pretty normal, but if you catch us elsewhere, it's quite the opposite. We are just two big kids and I hope we always stay that way!