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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What level of communication do you prefer when your partner is out of town?


  1. Ken: None! Just kidding! Once a day check in.
    Louise: I with Ken on this one, usually when one of us is away we typically onlycheck in once. Unless something funny comes up that we want to share.

  2. When Steve is away on business he typically likes to be able to talk to the kids at least once a day and we also try to make sure we talk to each other before going to bed. So it's usually one or two calls a day.
    If either one of us is away on a fun trip (ie: Steve fishing or Tricia away with her sisters) we might call more often just to share something fun that happened.
    Steve & Tricia

  3. Matt travels a lot for business, and it is usually to places not in this time zone. That makes it harder to connect. Like Steve, Matt does try to call once a day to talk with the girls, but sometimes that doesn't happen because of the time difference. Matt and I try to talk before I go to bed. But, again, with the time difference and my inability to stay up past 10 o'clock on a school night that doesn't always happen. If he (or I) are away over a weekend we do speak more often, but like both my sisters said, it's more to share a funny story--a quick chat. --Ellen and Matt

  4. Brett travels at times for business and I go out of town to visit family more often than he is able to take off from work (leaving him at home). We talk about once a day to catch up, more than that to quickly share a funny story, and sometimes less if our schedules are just completely opposite. I think having spent our first year dating long distance (east coast and west), we realized quickly that we greatly trusted each other and never felt like we always had to know what the other one was doing. That has remained true since then and we respect that the one whose away is busy (even though it's harder for the one sitting home bored! haha). - Jenna

  5. Sheryl and I are very much self-sufficient in our personalities, meaning if one of us is not around, the other is not just sitting at home bored and miserable. This is how we see it:

    1) call when u arrive @ ur destination
    2) call if you have some free time, or want to talk
    3) call to say good night and tell the kids goodnight
    4) during the day, call when you can