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Monday, May 7, 2012

Tell us about your first date.


  1. So I told you about our first kiss, but that wasn't our first date. Ken brought me to a movie.....The Jazz Singer......and to this day I bust his chops about that.....he didn't do much better the second time around.......when he brought me to see The Fog! Yeah.....coolest kid on campus, had no game when it came to picking movies!

  2. In an earlier post I told you how Steve & I knew each other for years through a mutual friend. This friend always thought that we would make a great couple and finally after ten years, she got us together. On our first date, Steve & I met this friend Maureen and her husband out for drinks and then dinner at one of my favorite local restaurants called The Elbow Room. Steve picked me up at my apartment and I still remember opening the door to see him standing there on my porch in khakis and a black shirt - looking SO handsome. We had a great night with lots of laughs and good conversation. Steve brought me home and gave me a goodnight kiss on my front porch. After that, for our first solo date... he invited me to his house and cooked me dinner (swordfish on the grill).

  3. Sheryl and I met in college, but we did not have our official "first date" till the summer when we came home. We had lunch and watched a movie (we cant remember the name , but we kept every single movie stub to every movie we ever saw together). ..........Sheryl n val