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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Has your partner ever forgotten an important event (ie birthday, anniversary) if so, how did you handle that?


  1. Ken: Never forgotten, but circumstances may have kept us apart.
    Louise: In one of my jobs I had to travel, so there were a few occasions I was away on our anniversary or valentines day. But we both realize that somethings are out of your control. Ken and I are low key about that stuff, a kiss and a card is all that's required........ok so I just lied....at least Ken just called me out after I read our response to him........I do milk my birthday....it's more like my birthmonth! It's kinda hard to forget a whole month.

  2. Nah... Steve & I are pretty good at this one - neither one of us has forgotten any yet.
    Steve & Tricia

  3. Never a birthday, and so far we remembered our first anniversary!! It's a good start :)

  4. Again forgot to sign that one (SORRY) - Jenna

  5. Matt has never been great at remembering dates. He's notorious for stopping at the store on his way home from work on the day of my birthday or on our anniversary, but he's only forgotten once. He forgot our 8th wedding anniversary. Honestly, that night I was really hurt, and he felt bad (you can ask Erika). Once I stepped back and thought about it, it didn't seem so profound. At the time we'd been a couple for roughly 15 years, and that was the first time he'd forgotten (the only time, so far). I do still enjoy teasing him for it! -- Ellen