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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Does texting qualify as "talking on the phone"?


  1. Ken: I guess if you text it might, I don't text. But it's better than not communicating.
    Louise: I think that texting has it's place when you have something quick to say, or you want to send a picture to your husband of you in your Halloween costume as "Miss Conception". (ask Erika about that, maybe she will even show you the pic. I don't think texting is apropriate for long or important conversations. That should be done on the phone or face to face depending on the topic.

  2. Texting can definitely be helpful & convenient, but we don't think it should take the place of talking on the phone. It's a lot easier to miscommunicate in writing than when you are speaking to someone. Besides, phone conversations tend to be longer and more involved - relying on texting may cut out a lot of important communication.
    Steve & Tricia

  3. Hahaha....much to the chagrin of my friend Erika, I don't text. Matt texts occasionally for work and with his friends. I do see its value as a quick and convenient way to share information, but so much of communicating is voice inflection and body language. The context and meaning of a text or email can be lost or mistranslated. And don't get me started on the impact texting has had on the written language either! (angry English teacher) -Ellen

  4. Take the place of it? No. It does help though in staying connected while you're apart (as long as the phone calls come with it). Brett and I text, and I don't even know about what, which I guess is the point. Important things should always be done over the phone. - Jenna

  5. NOT AT ALL..I hate it, but its necessary, especially when at work, trying to put the kids to sleep, etc. I agree that its better than not communicating at all, but I prefer a phone call, even if it only lasts 5 seconds...(Val)