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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Has the way you dealt with conflict changed from when you were dating to now?


  1. We've been fortunate not to have had much conflict in our relationship either when we were dating or now. Over time we have learned to recognize what each other needs in times of conflict and have adjusted how we deal with it accordingly. In general, the triggers of conflict seem to be more the accumulation of little things rather a single larger issue and we are both learning to let the small things go.
    Tricia & Steve

  2. Ken and Louise - How we have handled conflict has changed in that we have learned that we each have different ways of handling conflict and have become more tolerant and accepting of those differences.

  3. Probably slightly, but we set the expectation to communicate openly early on in our relationship. We certainly have conflicting thoughts and opinions, but I'm so grateful (as I've said before) we can talk honestly without any raised emotions on (almost) any given topic. -Jenna and Brett

  4. not really. We still deal with conflicts differently, but we do a lot more active listening.--Val n Sheryl