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Thursday, March 15, 2012

What is your style of child discipline?  Did you discuss this beforehand?


  1. Steve & I talked about the importance of consistency when it comes to child discipline. We have similar expectations for our kids' behavior and we support each other's punishments when incidents have come up. One thing we feel strongly about is once we have stated a consequence to our child, then we need to follow through. For instance, if we say "no more jumping off the stairs or you will have to get out of the pool"... then we better be ready to take our child out of the pool if any more jumps occur. If you tell a child that there will be a consequence to a behavior and then do nothing when the behavior happens, the child will eventually learn that you don't mean what you say and that they can continue with the behavior they want. Another thing Steve & I try to do is be clear with our children about what behavior we expect from them, particularly if we are on our way to a special event, activity or place.
    Tricia & Steve

  2. Ken and Louise - we may have had the best laid plans when we discussed our thoughts on discipline. But believe me, when you are exhausted after a full days work, and you have 3 screaming, hungry children, sometimes how you deal with things in that moment isn't what you planned.

  3. Being CONSISTENT and following through is exactly what I was going to say, as well. We've never planned in detail our methods, but I know we are both on the same page in terms of raising respectful and empathic children. - Jenna and Brett

  4. Sheryl and I both grew up in homes where discipline and responsibilities went hand in hand. Now that we are parents to very young children, we know that how we deal with situations now will shape/affect them later. We are very consistent, and will always back each other up. If mommy said you can't have ice cream, THAT'S FINAL!!!!! (Doesn't matter how cute you are..lol) We also know that kids will be kids, mistakes and accidents do and will happen, and not every time is the answer going to be so clear cut. There's alot of on the spot thinking as a parent.... Val n Sheryl