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Monday, May 7, 2012

Our school recently attended a bullying training, how would you as parents handle a situation in which your child is being bullied?


  1. Ken and I believe that kids need to be able to stand up for themselves first. And we would encourage them to do that with words and not violence. If it continues to happen and it becomes physical, depending on where the bullying is happening, we would either involve the school or the parents.

  2. Most importantly Steve and I would want to make sure that our child is safe and we would do whatever we have to do to ensure that. We would probably seek out some quick bullying training ourselves so that we could be best equipped to handle it. We would talk with our child and try to work on solutions with him/her. We would work with the school, other parents or authorities to resolve the situation.

  3. Educating ourselves and our child(children) is always the best approach. School is supposed to be a SAFE place for kids, no one should feel unsafe at school. Speaking with our child, and letting them know what to do in certain situations and who to talk to and where to go for help would also be very important. Sheryl n Val