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Monday, May 7, 2012

Do you and your partner share similar interests? If not, how do you manage that?


  1. Ken and I have some similar interests, sports, food, family, friends, some tv shows, but not many. The one thing that I thinks works the most in our relationship is the space we give one another to enjoy the things that we don't like in commnon. Ken goes golfing and is happy that I am not tagging along. I love to read and enjoy that quiet te with my books.

  2. Steve and I like to do things together and we do have similar interests like sports, vacations by the water, food, family, friends, movies, etc. Like Louise & Ken, we also give each other space to enjoy the things that we don't have in common. For Steve, this is fishing and for me... yoga. We know that these activities are important to each of us and realize that it a priority for us to have our own time to enjoy them.

  3. Yes and No, but to the things we don't like when the other wants to do it or does, we do because we love them. I know Sheryl could care less when I watch track n field or basketball on tv, but she knows how much I love it, so she does it with me. I hate watching csi, and criminal minds, but Sheryl loves it, so I watch with her, and I actually became a fan of criminal minds, good show.(who would have thought it). Sheryl n Val