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Thursday, March 15, 2012

How did you parents feel about your engagement and future marriage?


  1. My parents were thrilled (and relieved) that I was finally getting married! They knew that Steve was a great guy who would treat me well and they were very supportive of our decision to get married.

  2. Ken - They were nervous and excited at the same time.

    Louise - I think I gave youy my response on how my parents felt in a prior answer, They were very disappointed that I was pregnant and that I hadn't finished college either. They were concerned that it would be difficult for us to bring up a family with either of us having a college degree. After we got married, ken and I went back to school. Juggled working part- time, going to school and having a second child before graduating from college.

  3. Both of our parents were really excited for us. Having lived in AZ for most of our dating time, it was a bummer that my parents didn't know Brett as well as I would have liked them to, but from how much they heard and knew about him, they liked him a lot. I knew their relationship would continue to grow throughout our engagement and marriage, and it has. We are both so thankful we have 4 supportive and loving parents.

    Brett - My parents were really excited and they had a lot of respect for who Jenna was, her family, her values, etc. As Jenna mentioned, living in Arizona was tough for her and her family, but it created a great time for her to bond with my parents early on in our relationship. They could see how happy I was and were excited for us.

  4. Our parents were both very excited about our engagement and marriage. We had been dating so long that our parents knew how strongly we felt for one another....Val n Sheryl